Michael has been a geek since birth. The only proof you need is that the crystal in his palm hasn’t gone clear yet – a definite sign that he isn’t too old to play with technology.

Growing up on the rocky plains of New Jersey, he had an affinity for taking things apart to see how they worked. His parents were not amused. With a tape recorder in one hand and a calculator in the other, he grew destined to be the last one picked at kickball.

He got his first computer in 1984, an Atari 800, and has been a programmer ever since. Well, not an Atari programmer, but a Mac and Windows programmer, with some PHP, RoR, and a sprinkling of other languages in there. In college, he got the broadcast bug and started working as a DJ at his local college radio station, having his own shows. He also worked at the school newspaper, starting as a staff writer and photographer, and working up to the prestigious editor of the Personals section. In time, he became Tech editor, writing about computers in their 8 and 16-bit glory. Ah, the days of the Turbo button and extended/expanded memory. Some days you could find him hovering over his latest 3D project on his IBM PS/2.

Today, Michael is a software engineer in New Jersey, and does blogging and podcasting on the side.



Michael currently has two podcasts. World Of Warcast is about the popular Blizzard MMORPG, and Push My Follow which is about social media.

Guest blogging

Michael has guest blogged on ZDNet for Jennifer Leggio.

Mitigating the collision course of social networks


Michael took part in CNet’s Palm Pre Test Drive.

Michael Gaines’ author profile on CNet

Macintosh and iPod Apps

Michael has been a long-time Apple developer, dating back to System 6 on his Mac Plus in 1990. His latest app was “Warcraft Stat” for the iPhone, which is no longer available at the App Store. Other Mac apps include iChatIcon, ResurrXtion for pre-Tiger releases which Apple used on their retail Macs before Tiger was released, and myPSP which was never finished due to licensing issues with the video encoder. He’s also released many Cocoa and Carbon tutorials over the years.

Map Editing

Apart from a map editor for Bungie’s game “Marathon”, Michael worked on a scenario pack for Marathon Infinity called “Baraka“.

Michael also adapted the popular Unreal Tournament map “Lucius” for Unreal Tournament 2004.