Welcome to Chaotic Nerdy.

I wanted to start the site with the first comic I did, way back in 1982. I had forgotten how I came up with this idea, but I drew it fast and had it in my top locker in high school for about a year. A friend of mine suggested that I send it into the Star Wars Fan Club since they were putting fan art in their newsletter at the time, but I didn’t know if I’d ever see it again, so I kept it. I should have traced it and sent that in, but I never did. Two years later, someone with the exact same idea had their comic run in the newsletter. That was definitely a lesson learned, and probably led to how I always jump on ideas as soon as I think of them. The comic was in the attic along with some others I did (which may or may not wind up here), so I scanned it, traced it since the original was in pencil and didn’t scan well, and posted it here to start off the new site.

I’d been drawing since I was a kid thanks to my grandmother who was an artist, Ed Emberly and Stan Lee, but in the last few years I started writing out the ideas I had for comics and wanted to get back into it. I have pages of ideas that I’ll be drawing out. The problem is, I can’t draw people very well. I always wanted to since I can draw a badass X-Wing, but drawing people eluded me. About four or five years ago I decided I was going to tackle drawing people and at least now I can do something passable.

This past weekend I went through my old sketches from high school and realized that had I kept up with it, I’d be pretty damn good by now. So here it is, 25 years later.

I wanted to start off by thanking several people that inspired me to get here. First, Scott Johnson and his myextralife.com site for showing that being a geek on the internet is where we all rule. Scott once said that he and I fell from the same tree – he rolled west and I rolled east. I also want to thank Mary Varn for her inspiration with NPCComic. It’s damn funny and I read it all the time. People should check it out if you haven’t. To Bryce and everyone at Taverncast, you all make me feel right at home with your shows. And finally, to Krissi, my partner in crime at Geekistry for helping me through the long, arduous process of listening to me rethink ideas every ten minutes for the last two years.